Daniel Isler

I help people and businesses to increase their execution power

Hard Skills
  • Federal Diploma in Mechanical Engineering ETH

  • Project manager in plant construction, as well as in the development of process structures and software

  • Development of database applications

  • Instructor for informatics, personal assessment and application training

Soft Skills
  • Education in kinesiology, spiritual coaching and information field technology

  • Coach pole vault; formerly active in decathlon

  • Father of three children

  • Autodidact; I pass on what has proved itself in me

I have always been fascinated by finding the right impulses that turn a structure of different parts into a harmonious, coherent whole - be it in my own personality, in relationships, sports or the business world.

For more than twenty years I have been dealing with the easiest way to achieve goals of any kind. In this process I have encountered unexpected methods and technologies, which I am happy to pass on.

There is nothing more powerful than thinking new thoughts.


Please contact me using the form below or by phone +41 (0)62 822 74 14

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